Dr. Marc James DiNardo
Chiropractor & Medical Acupuncture Provider

Move Better. Feel Better. Live Better.

“Dr. Marc’s passion in helping people feel better is very apparent in his attentive and caring demeanor. He is very thorough and comprehensive in his diagnosis and will take however much time needed to ensure that you leave his office not only feeling better but with a plan to continue to treat the issue. He is wonderful and have had no hesitation recommending him to friends, family and colleagues.” -Olivia S.


Dr. Marc is here to help! Whether you were injured in an accident or while playing sports, or if you are experiencing pain that came out of nowhere, he will work to assess and treat the cause of your pain – not just the symptoms.

Working out of 2 clinic locations, Dr. Marc provides a wide range of chiropractic, rehabilitative and acupuncture services to help treat the pain that you are experiencing. In-home treatments are also offered as well.

In order to provide you with the best customer service possible, your condition will be assessed and a personalized treatment plan will be developed and tailored to meet your needs.

If you are currently suffering from pain, or just want to move and feel better, call Dr. Marc today!



Reduced Pain

Reduction of pain symptoms and treatment for the source of pain so relief becomes continuous or permanent

Increased Mobility

Improvement in joint range of motion helps to prevent future pain from occurring

Improved Health

Reduced pain, increased mobility and improved circulation improves overall health and well-being

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Dr. Marc currently works in two locations.

Motion Fit Rehab & Wellness

1910 Yonge St. Unit 101, Toronto, ON
(Northwest corner Yonge St. and Davisville Ave.)
Office: (416) 483-2555 or Cell: (647) 403-6227

Bay and College Physiotherapy & Rehab

790 Bay Street, Suite 105
Toronto, Ontario, M5G 1N8
Office: (416) 847-1100